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Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show: Upside Down & Sideways • Episode 4

Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show: Upside Down & Sideways • Episode 4

May 27, 2019

Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show: Upside Down & Sideways • Episode 4

Your best ideas come when you think upside and sideways

In this episode, Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company, shares three powerful strategies:

1. Analogue vs. Digital: Discover why a non-digital product or service might generate a lot more money than a digital offering. Best still, why not do both. Features Viryl Technologies, musician Jack White, and Moleskine inventor, Maria Sebregondi.

2. The Watering Hole: Learn how to increase the power and efficiency of your marketing, and get more prospects faster, by targeting groups, not individual people or companies.

3. Publish a business book: Learn tips on how to get your book published. Includes a detailed description of Kindle Direct Publishing, and how it has revolutionized the world of self-publishing.

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Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show • Episode #1

Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show • Episode #1

May 5, 2019

In this inaugural episode, BIG Idea coach Bill Bishop gives you brain food for thought that will help you generate new innovations for your business. He covers:

1. How you can make more money by building a network platform for your industry.
2. How to attract more prospects by creating content like videos, podcasts, ebooks and even movies.
3. How to manage the roller coaster emotional life of the entrepreneur by tapping into a simple, but powerful concept.
4. How to become the most memorable company in your industry by creating ( a popsicle hotline).

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Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show • Episode 2

Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show • Episode 2

May 5, 2019

Episode 2
Upside Down & Sideways:
The Bill Bishop BIG Idea Show

Join BIG Idea coach Bill Bishop to get ideas and inspiration for your business and your life as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, Bill covers:

1. VALUE HUBS: How to make more money from each customer by designing your business as a "value hub". Discover how Apple, Amazon, Google, and UBER, used value hub thinking to grow their business, and how you can copy what they’re doing.

2. LINE-UPs: Learn how to get more prospects by creating a “line-up”. Learn how Bill helped launch the restaurant chain Earl’s using this upside down and sideways strategy.

3. PERSONALITY TESTS: Know thyself is a great axiom for entrepreneur success, and the best way to know yourself is to do personality tests. Bill looks at two tests: The Enneagram (which is the original personality test), and The TruMark Index, created by his firm The BIG Idea Company.

4. CREATE A MYSTERY: A great upside down and sideways marketing strategy is to create a mystery that people have to figure out. A mystery gets their attention and engages them in what you are doing. Bill explains how to pull off this mystery strategy.

Hope you can join us live for this broadcast. There is no fee to attend live.

Turn The Tables On Your Prospects

Turn The Tables On Your Prospects

May 5, 2019

Learn how to eliminate presentations and proposals from your sales process by turning the tables on your prospects.

The Three BIG Problems (Penguins, Hot Dogs, Crabs) Free Episode
BIG Idea Launch Strategies
Tell An Elevator Speech With A Hook (14 Minutes)

Tell An Elevator Speech With A Hook (14 Minutes)

February 14, 2019

The Packaged Elevator Speech

• If you want to get more prospects to meet with you, you need to hook them in with a good elevator speech.

• Most entrepreneurs do not have a good elevator speech. It is either boring or confusing, and rarely are they consistent in using it.

• A packaged elevator speech is short, interesting, and designed to get prospects to ask more questions.

Name Your BIG Idea

Name Your BIG Idea

February 8, 2019

• Using a brand name for your BIG Idea
makes it much easier for people to understand

• A brand name turns your intangible service
into something more tangible

• Keep your brand name to a maximum of four words. Don't try to come up with the perfect name at first Develop and use a working name first.

The Three Boxes Strategy

The Three Boxes Strategy

February 8, 2019

• You can make money per customer if you give your prospects three choices

• The three choices are: Small, Regular, and Super-Size

• If you offer three choices, most of your customers will choose the middle option (60% of the time)

• You are not expecting anyone to buy the Super-Size:
If they do, it is a bonus

• The Three Boxes allow allows you to raise your prices
without the risk of losing any customers

Create A Line-Up

Create A Line-Up

February 8, 2019

• In the typical sales situation, the customer holds all of the power because they know that your product/service is readily available in great abundance.

• If you create a line-up, you will equalize the power imbalance. You create a line-up by limiting the availability of your product and service, and telling them that your advanced gourmet program is not for everyone. This strategy is based on the fact that people want things more if they worry they might not be able to get it.

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