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Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show: Upside Down & Sideways • Episode 4

May 27, 2019

Bill Bishop’s BIG Idea Show: Upside Down & Sideways • Episode 4

Your best ideas come when you think upside and sideways

In this episode, Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company, shares three powerful strategies:

1. Analogue vs. Digital: Discover why a non-digital product or service might generate a lot more money than a digital offering. Best still, why not do both. Features Viryl Technologies, musician Jack White, and Moleskine inventor, Maria Sebregondi.

2. The Watering Hole: Learn how to increase the power and efficiency of your marketing, and get more prospects faster, by targeting groups, not individual people or companies.

3. Publish a business book: Learn tips on how to get your book published. Includes a detailed description of Kindle Direct Publishing, and how it has revolutionized the world of self-publishing.

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