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Create A Line-Up

Create A Line-Up

February 8, 2019

• In the typical sales situation, the customer holds all of the power because they know that your product/service is readily available in great abundance.

• If you create a line-up, you will equalize the power imbalance. You create a line-up by limiting the availability of your product and service, and telling them that your advanced gourmet program is not for everyone. This strategy is based on the fact that people want things more if they worry they might not be able to get it.

The Free Value Strategy (8 minutes)

The Free Value Strategy (8 minutes)

February 6, 2019

• In today's marketplace, prospects are overwhelmed by a daily stream of sales message. As a result, they have retreated into a bunker. That makes it hard for you to talk to prospects in the traditional way.

• You need to provide Free Value to attract prospects out of their bunker. This can be anything including product samples, consulting time, creative solutions, and technical support. The higher the value you provide, the more prospects you will attract.

• You get to decide which prospects get the free value.

Sell Fast Food and Gourmet

Sell Fast Food and Gourmet

September 20, 2018

• Divide your customers in two distinct kinds: fast food and gourmet.

• The fast food customers just want to do a transaction with you (usually for the lowest price). The gourmet customers want to have a long-term relationship with you (price is not an issue).

• Most entrepreneurs have too many fast food customers, and neglect the gourmet customers. To get more gourmet customers, you need to develop a gourmet BIG Idea for them.

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